Oliver Sudden Productions discographie


"Chinese Traditional Erhu Music vol. 1" by Lei Qiang 1995
"Chinese Traditional Pipa Music" by Liu Fang 1996
"Chinese Traditional Erhu Music vol. 2" by Lei Qiang 1997
"Flamenco de la Costa" by Juan Carranza 1997
"The Art of the Paraguayan Harp" by Eralio Gill 1998
"Vietnamese Traditional Music " by Pham Duc Thanh 1998
"Sarod; Traditional Music from India" by Aditya Verma 1998
"Oliver Sudden Productions Sampler" by Various Artists 1999
"Playa Gitana" by Juan Carranza 2000
"Chinese Traditional Yang-qin Music" by Anna Guo 2001
"Vietnamese Traditional Dan Bau Music" by Pham Duc Thanh 2002
"Mareas" by Juan Carranza 2003
"Chinese Traditional Zheng Music " by Hong Ting 2004
"Japanese Traditional Koto and Shakuhachi" by Satomi Saeki & Alcvin Takegawa Ramos 2006
"Japanese Traditional Flute for Meditation ; Zen Shakuhachi Vol.1" Alcvin Takegawa Ramos 2007
"Japanese Traditional Flute for Meditation ; Zen Shakuhachi Vol.2" Alcvin Takegawa Ramos 2008
"Japanese Koto Music" by Satomi Saeki 2009
"Japanese Bamboo Flute -- Shakuhachi" by Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos 2011