Audivis UNESCO discographie

Audivis UNESCO discographie

Publiée entre 1961 et 2003, la collection UNESCO des musiques traditionnelles comprend plus de 125 albums. Depuis la fin de la collaboration avec Naïve en 2005, l’UNESCO a établi, en 2009, un nouveau partenariat avec Smithsonian Institution pour rendre accessible au public plus de 100 volumes de la collection provenant de plus de 70 pays de tous les continents.

The Unesco Collections

PAYSTITREAuvidis Musical AtlasMusical Sources

Afghanistan The Traditional Music of Herat (Female musicians of Heart?)D8266

Algeria Music of the Gourara (Sahara) D8037 (Reissue)3C 064-18079

Argentina Tritonic Music of the North West D8208

Armenia Armenian Liturgical chants - Mekhitarist Community of Venice D8015 (Reissue)

6586 025

Australia Aboriginal Music D8040 (Reissue)

6586 034

Australia Music of New England table lands in New Wales 1850 - 1900 ? *

Azerbaijan Azerbaijani Mugam - Bahram Mansurov, tar D8045 (Reissue)

6586 027

BahrainBahrain: Traditional Folk and Ceremonial Music

3C 064-18371

BahrainFidjeri, 'Songs of Pearl Divers' D8046

6586 017

Belarus Musical Folklore of the Polessye D8005 (Reissue)3C 064-18565

Benin Ceremonial music from Northern DahomeyD8057 (Reissue)

6586 022

Benin Bariba and Somba MusicD8057 (Reissue)3C 064-18217

Bolivia Pan pipes of Bolivia D8009 (Reissue)3C 064-18528

Brazil The Bororo World of Music D8201

Bulgaria Traditional Bulgarian Music D8019 (Reissue)vol.30

Cambodia Royal Music D8011 (Reissue)

6586 002

Cambodia Folk and Ceremonial Music D8068 (Reissue)3C 064-17841

Cameroon Baka Pygmy Music D8029 (Reissue)3C 064-18265

Canada Inuit Games and Songs D8032 (Reissue)

6586 036

Canada Music of the Inuit - The copper Eskimo Tradition D8053 (Reissue)

Central African Republic Aka Pygmy Music D8054 (Reissue)

6586 016

Central African Republic Banda Polyphony D8043 (Reissue)

6586 032

Central African Republic Central African Republic D8020 (Reissue)vol.31

ChileHispano-Chilean Metisse Traditional MusicD8001 (Reissue)3C 064-18218

China Tibetan Ritual D8034 (Reissue)

6586 007

China Hong Kong Instrumental Music D8031 (Reissue)3C 064-17968

China The Music of China D8071 (Reissue) 

China Chuida Wind and Percussive instrumental ensemblesD8209

Croatia Traditional Music D8276

Cuba Folk Music of Cuba D8064

Egypt Ta Qasim and La Yali, Cairo Tradition D8038 (Reissue)

6586 010

Ethiopia Three Chordophone Traditions D8074 (Reissue)

France Religious music of oral tradition from Rusiu, CorsicaD8012 (Reissue)

6586 033

France Bagpipes of Central France D8202 (Reissue)

Greece Traditional Music D8018 (Reissue)3C 064-17966

Greece Vocal Monodies D8056vol.29 ?

India Bengal

3C 064-17840

India North India - Vocal Music Dhrupad and Khyal D8076 (Reissue)

6586 003

India North India - Instrumental Music: Sitar, Flute, Sarangi D8017 (Reissue)

6586 009

India North India - Folk Music D8033 (Reissue)3C 064-17859

India North India - Instrumental Music D8021 (Reissue)

6586 020

India North India - Instrumental Music of Medieval India D8205

India The Music of Pandit Lalmani Misra D8267

India Anthology of Indian Classical Music - A Tribute to Alain Daniélou D8270

India North India - Dhrupad Singing by Ustad F. Wasifuddin Dagar D8283

Indonesia Java: Historic Gamelans

6586 004

Indonesia Java: Sundanese Folk Music

3C 064-18369

Indonesia Balinese Theatre and Dance Music

6586 013

Indonesia Bali: Court music and Banjar music D8059 (Reissue)

6586 008

Indonesia Music from Sunda - West Java D8041 (Reissue)

6586 031

Indonesia Vocal art from JavaD8014 (Reissue)

6586 041

Indonesia Bali: Folk Music D8003 (Reissue)3C 064-17858

Indonesia Java Sundanese Folk Music D8051

Indonesia Bali: Balinese Music of Lombok D8272

IranIranian Dastgah

6586 005

Iraq ? Arabian music: Maqam

6586 006 

Iraq Iqa'at - Traditional Rhythmic Structures D8044 (Reissue)

6586 038

Iraq Iraq: Traditional Folk and Art Music

3C 064-18370

Ireland Irish Traditional Music and Song D8271

IsraelJewish music

6586 001

Italy Sicily Music of Holy Week D8210

Ivory CoastBaule Vocal Music D8048 (Reissue)3C 064-17842

Ivory CoastSenufo-Fodonon Funeral Vigil D8203

Japan Shomyo Buddhist Ritual - Dai Hannya Ceremony D8036

6586 021

Japan O-Suwa-Daiko Drums D8030 (Reissue)

6586 029

Japan Ainu Songs D8047 (Reissue)

6586 045

Japan Semi-Classical and Folk Music D8016 (Reissue)3C 064-17967

KoreaKorean Music D8010 (Reissue)

6586 011

LaosTraditional Music of the South D8042 (Reissue)

6586 012

Madagascar Land of the Betsimisaraka D8275

Madagascar Spirit Music from the Tamatave Region D8282

Malawi Music Tradition of Malawi D8265

Mongolia Traditional Music D8207

Morocco The Arabic Tradition in Moroccan Music D8002 (Reissue)3C 064-18264

Myanmar Music by the Hsaing Waing Orchestra D8281

Myanmar Myanmar : Harpe Et Musique Orchestrale De L'ex-Birmanie*

Nepal Rituals and entertainment D8279

Niger, Benin Music of the Fulani D8006 (Reissue)3C 064-18121

Norway Fiddle Music from Agder D8063

Oman Traditional Arts of the Sultanate of Oman D8211

Pakistan The Music of the Qawal D8028 (Reissue)3C 064-18266

Peru Music of the Indigenous Communities of CuzcoD8268

Portugal Traditional Music D8008 (Reissue)3C 064-17843

RomaniaRomania: Traditional Folk Music

3C 064-18120

Serbia, Montenegro Islamic Ritual of Kosovo D8055 (Reissue)

6586 015Older title Islamic ritual from Yugoslavia - Zikr of the Rufai'I Brotherhood
Solomon Islands Fataleka and Baegu Music of MalaitaD8027 (Reissue)

6586 018

Sudan Music of the Blue Nile Province - The Gumuz TribeD8072 (Reissue)

Sudan Music of the Blue Nile Province - The Ingessana and Berta Tribes D8073 (Reissue)

Switzerland Zauerli, Yodels of Appenzell D8026 (Reissue)

6586 044

Syria Syria: Sunnite Islam

3C 064-17885

Syria Tradition of Tur Abdin in Mesopotamia*

Syria Syrian Orthodox Church - Antioch Liturgy D8039 (Reissue)

6586 014

Syria Zikr: Islamic Ritual - Rifa'iyya brotherhood of Aleppo D8013 (Reissue)

6586 030

Syria, Iran, Turkey Kurdish Music - Middle East II D8023 (Reissue)

6586 019

Syria, Iran, Turkey Sung Poetry - Middle East I D8025 (Reissue)

6586 024

Tajikistan, China Tajik Music from Badakhshan D8212

Thailand The Music of Chieng Mai D80073C 064-18080

Trinidad & Tobago 


Turkey Bektashi Music. Ashik Songs D8069 (Reissue)vol.27

Turkey The Turkish Ney, Kudsi Erguner D8204

Turkmenistan Turkmen Epic Singing Köroglu D8213

Ukraine Traditional Music D8206

Uzbekistan The Music of Khorezm D8269

Vanuatu The Music of West Futuna D8274

Viet Nam Traditions of the South - Anthology of Traditional Music D8049 (Reissue)

6586 028

Viet Nam Traditions of the South - A musical anthology of the Orient D8070 (Reissue)

Viet Nam Hát Chèo, Traditional Folk Theatre D8022 (Reissue)

6586 035

Viet Nam Ca Tru and Quan Ho Traditional Music D8035 (Reissue)3C 064-18310

Viet Nam Court Theatre Music: Hat-Bôi D8058 (Reissue)

YemenZaidi and Sha'fi

6586 040

Yemen The Yemenite Jews - Jewish-Yemenite Diwan D8024 (Reissue)

6586 037

Yemen Traditional Music of the North D8004 (Reissue)3C 064-18352

Yemen Songs from Hadramawt D8273

Turkey Meditation on the Ney by Kutsi Erguner, Turkey

6586 039

India Suryanarayana playing the South Indian Vina

6586 023

ChileAmerindian Ceremonial Music from Chile

6586 026

Guinea, Mali, Ivory CoastRhythms of the Manding - Adama Drame (Jembe)

6586 042




UNES08054 Aka Pygmy Music
UNES08037 Algeria: Sahara - Music of Gourara
UNES08057 Benin: Bariba and Somba Music
UNES08029 Cameroon: Baka Pygmy Music
UNES08020 Central African Republic
UNES08043 Central African Republic: Banda Polyphony
UNES08203 Côte d’Ivoire: A Senufo-Fodonon - Funerary Vigil
**UNES08048 Côte d’Ivoire: Baule Vocal Music
UNES08038 Egypt: Taqâsîm & Layâlî - Cairo Tradition
UNES08074 Ethiopia: Three Cordophone Traditions
UNES08275 Madagascar: Land of The Betsimisaraka
UNES08282 Madagascar: Spirit Music from the Tamatave Region
UNES08265 Music Tradition of Malawi
UNES08002 Morocco: Arabic Traditional Music
UNES08006 Niger/Northern Benin: Music of the Fulani
UNES08072 Sudan: Music of the Blue Nile Province - The Gumuz Tribe
UNES08073 Sudan: Music of the Blue Nile Province - The Ingessana and Berta Tribes


UNES08284 Afghanistan: Female Musicians of Herat
*UNES08320 Afghanistan: Music During the Civil War (1979-2001)
UNES08266 Afghanistan: The Traditional Music of Herât
UNES08045 Azerbaijan: Azerbaijani Mugam
UNES08046 Bahrain: Fidjeri: Songs of the Pearl Divers
UNES08077 Bengal: Bengali Traditional Folk Music
UNES08068 Cambodia: Folk and Ceremonial Music
UNES08011 Cambodia: Royal Music
**UNES08071 China
**UNES08209 China: Chuida Wind and Percussive Instrumental Ensembles
UNES08031 Hong Kong: Instrumental Music
UNES08033 India: North Indian Folk Music
**UNES08267 India: Vicitra Vina - The Music of Pandit Lalmani Misra
**UNES08270 Anthology of Indian Classical Music: A Tribute to Alain Daniélou
**UNES08283 North India: Dhrupad Singing by Ustad F. Wasifuddin Dagar
UNES08021 North India: Instrumental Music - Rudra Veena, Vichitra Veena, Sarod, Shahnai
UNES08017 North India: Instrumental Music - Sitar, Flute, Sarangi
UNES08205 North India: Instrumental Music of Mediaeval India
**UNES08076 North India: Vocal music - Dhrupad and Khyal
*UNES08311 South India: Ranganayaki Rajagopalan—Continuity in the Karaikudi Vina Style
UNES08078 Indonesia: Java - Music of the Theatre
**UNES08041 Indonesia: Music from West Java
UNES08272 Bali: Balinese Music of Lombok
UNES08059 Bali: Court Music and Banjar Music
UNES08003 Bali: Folk Music
UNES08051 Java: Sundanese Folk Music
UNES08014 Java: Vocal Art
UNES08044 Iraq: Iqa’at - Traditional Rhythmic Structure
UNES08047 Japan: Ainu Songs
*UNES08319 Japan: Koishimaru Izutsuya: Master of the Kawachi Ondo Epics
UNES08030 Japan: O-Suwa-Daiko Drums
UNES08016 Japan: Semiclasssical and Folk Music
**UNES08036 Japan: Shomyo Buddhist Ritual - Dai Hannya Ceremony
UNES08010 Korea
UNES08023 Kurdish Music
UNES08042 Laos: Traditional Music of the South
UNES08025 Middle East: Sung Poetry
**UNES08207 Mongolia: Traditional Music
UNES08281 Myanmar: Music by the Hsaing Waing Orchestra: The Burmese Harp
UNES08279 Nepal: Ritual and Entertainment
*UNES08305 Oman: Arabian Weddings
UNES08211 Oman: Traditional Arts of the Sultanate of Oman
UNES08028 Pakistan: The Music of the Qawal
UNES08301 Russian Orthodox Chants
UNES08013 Syria: Islamic Ritual Zikr in Aleppo
UNES08039 Syrian Orthodox Church: Antioch Liturgy
UNES08075 Syrian Orthodox Church: Tradition of Tur Abdin in Mesopotamia
UNES08212 Tajik Music of Badakhshan
UNES08007 Thailand: The Music of Chieng Mai
**UNES08034 Tibetan Ritual
UNES08069 Turkey: Bektashi Music - Ashik Songs
UNES08213 Turkmen Epic Singing: Köroglu
*UNES08306 Uzbekistan: Echoes of Vanished Courts
UNES08269 Uzbekistan: Music of Khorezm
*UNES08308 Uzbekistan: Musical Traditions of the Karakalpaks
UNES08035 Viet Nam: Ca Tru & Quan Ho - Traditional Music
UNES08058 Viet Nam: Court Theatre Music: Hat-Bôi
UNES08049 Viet Nam: Tradition of the South
UNES08070 Viet Nam: Traditions of the South
UNES08022 Viet Nam: Hát Chèo - Traditional Folk Theatre
UNES08273 Yemen: Songs from Hadramawt
UNES08004 Yemen: Traditional Music of the North
UNES08024 The Yemenite Jews
UNES08302 Yoshihisha Taira: Tribute to Noguchi

Australia and Oceania


UNES08015 Armenia: Liturgical Chants - Mekhitarist Community of Venice
UNES08019 Bulgaria
UNES08005 Byelorussia: Musical Folklore of the Byelorussian Polessye
UNES08012 Corsica: Religious Music of Oral Tradition
UNES08276 Croatia
UNES08202 France: Bagpipes of Central France
**UNES08018 Greece: Traditional Music
UNES08056 Greece: Vocal Monodies
**UNES08271 Ireland
**UNES08055 Islamic Ritual from Kosovo
**UNES08063 Norway: Fiddle and Hardanger Fiddle Music from Agder
*UNES08317 Portugal: Festas in Minho
*UNES08323 Portugal: Music and Dance from Madeira
UNES08008 Portugal: Portuguese Traditional Music
*UNES08310 Romania: Festive Music from the Maramures Region
UNES08210 Sicily: Music for the Holy Week
UNES08026 Switzerland: Zäuerli, Yodel of Appenzell
UNES08204 Turkey: The Turkish Ney
UNES08303 Turkish Classical Music: Tribute to Yunus Emre
UNES08206 Ukraine: Traditional Music

North America

**UNES08032 Canada: Inuit Games and Songs
UNES08053 Canada: Music of the Inuit - The Copper Eskimo Tradition
UNES08064 Folk Music of Cuba
**UNES08304 Mexican Indian Traditions

South America

**UNES08208 Argentina: Tritonic Musics of the North-West
UNES08009 Bolivia: Panpipes
**UNES08201 Brazil: Bororo World of Sound
UNES08001 Chile: Hispano-Chilean Metisse Traditional Music
*UNES08307 Peru: Andean Music of Life, Work, and Celebration
**UNES08268 Peru: Music of the Indigenous Communities of Cuzco
UNES08278 Trinidad & Tobago: Trinidad - Music from the North Indian Tradition
*UNES08318 Venezuela: Afro-Venezuelan Music, volumes I and II

Compilation Albums

Par numéro :

D 8001 Musique Traditionnelle Metisse Hispano-Chilienne
D 8002 Musique de tradition arabe   Abdeslam Cherkaoui
D 8003 Musique Populaire de Bali
D 8004 Musique Traditionnelle du Nord du Yemen
D 8005 Folklore musical de la Polésie Biélorusse
D 8006 Musique des Peuls de la Région de Kouandé (Nord-Bénin)
D 8008 Musique Traditionnelle du Portugal
D 8009 Syrinx de Bolivie   musique quechua, musique aymara
D 8010 Corée
D 8014 Art Vocal de Java
D 8017 Musique Instrumentale   Sitar, Flute, Sarangi (India)
D 8018 Musique Traditionnelle de Grèce
D 8019 Bulgarie
D 8020 Republique Centrafricaine
D 8021 Musique Instrumentale   Rudra, Vina, Vichtra, Vina, Sarod, Shahnai (India)
D 8023 Musique Kurde
D 8024 Diwan Judéo-Yémenite
D 8026 Yodel d'Appenzell   Zauderli
D 8027 Musique Fataleka et Baegu de Malaita
D 8029 La Musique des Pygmees Aka
D 8031 Musique Instrumentale de Hong Kong
D 8032 Chants et Jeux des Inuit
D 8033 Musique Populaire de l'Indie du Nord
D 8037 Musiques du Gourara (Algerie)
D 8038 Taqasim et Layali Tradition du Caire
D 8040 Musique Aborigene
D 8041 Musique de l'Ouest de Java
D 8042 Musique Traditionnelle du Sud du Laos
D 8043 Polyphonies Banda
D 8044 Iqa'at rythmes traditionnels
D 8045 Le Mougam d'Azerbaidjan   Bahram Mansurov
D 8046 Fidjeri   Chants des Pecheurs de Perles
D 8048 Musique Vocale Baoulé
D 8051 Musiques Populaires Soundanaise
D 8053 Musique des Inuit La Tradition des Eskimos du Cuivre
D 8054 Musique des Pygmees Aka
D 8056 Monodies Vocales de Grèce
D 8057 Musioues Bariba et Somba
D 8059 Musique de Cour et Musique de Banjar
D 8063 Norvège
D 8064 Cuba
D 8068 Cambodge
D 8201 Le Monde Sonore des Bororo
D 8203 Senoufo-Fodonon   Veillée Funéraire
D 8206 Musiques Traditionnelles d'Ukraine
D 8207 Musique Traditionnelle de Mongolie
D 8208 Musiques Tritoniques du Nord Ouest de l'Argentine
D 8209 Sonneurs et Batteurs Chuida (Chine)
D 8210 Musioues de la Semaine Sainte en Sicile
D 8211 Arts Traditionnels du Sultanat d'Oman
D 8212 Musioue Teduike du Badakhshan
D 8265 Malawi
D 8266 Herat
D 8304 Traditions Indiennes du Mexique

La série "Ethnic" :

B 4474 Le chant des femmes bulgares
B 6127 Bolivia Manita   Musiques des Andes
B 6131 Grand Maîrtre de la rudra vin   Ustad Zia Mohuddin Dagar
B 6132 Gfiandes Sambistas
B 6139 Grand Maître de la Flute Shakuhachi   Goro Yamaguchi
B 6140 Chants du Kurdistan   Sivan Perwer
B 6749 Chants de l'Aure   Houria Aichi
B 6750 Jerez Fiesta y Cante Jondo   Manuel Moneo, Juan Moneo el Torta, Moraito Chico
B 6752 Grand Maître du Zarb   Djamchid Chemirani
B 6756 Grand Maître du Santur   Majid Kiani
B 6758 Musique Populaire de Cuba
B 6759 Danses et Mélodies Pastorales (Serbie Orientaie)
B 6764 L'Art de la viele ethu   Wu Suhua
B 6765 L'Alt de la cithare Qin   Dai Xiaolian
B 6767 Grand Maître de la viele hémentche   Hâbil Aliev
B 6775 Anka Dia Musique et chants du Burkina Faso   Les Frères Coulibaly
B 6777 Cantes antiguos de Andalucía   El Suspiro del Moro
B 6782 Musiques Hispanigues d'Amérique du Sud
B 6783 Musiques Indiennes d'Amérique du Sud
B 6785 Saetas   Cante de la Semana Santa Andaluza
B 6791 Le Fado de Coimbra   Fernando Machado Soares
B 6810 Romances Y Canciones   Esrvagne, Colombie, Mexique, Chili
B 6816 Voix de Femmes du Portugal
B 6832 Danses du Berry   Les Écoliers de Saint-Genest
B 6846 Donne della Pianura del Po (1997)