ARC Music discographie

ARC Music Productions International Limited est un label spécialisé musique du monde et basé à West Sussex (UK). Dispose d'un catalogue de 700 albums (musiques traditionnelles et modernes) !
catalogue 2013 :

515069X 20 Best Of Classical "Tango Argentino"
515530L El Condor Pasa
5166949 Powwow Songs — Music Of The Plains Indians
5183037 The Art Of The Chinese Lute

ARC-KM 341 Winding Road

EUCD 0231 Best Of Bellydance From Lebanon, Morocco, Turkey, Egypt 
EUCD 1006 Rigs Of The Time
EUCD 1037 The Boatman's Daughter
EUCD 1042 New Views
EUCD 1053 Breakthrough
EUCD 1055 El Condor Pasa
EUCD 1059 Is Gewejn A Folk - Songs And Dances Of The Jews, Vol. 1
EUCD 1060 Shalom - Songs And Dances Of The Jews, Vol. 2
EUCD 1061 A Parcel Of Rogues
EUCD 1064 Kalakoltschik
EUCD 1070 Songs And Dances From Romania
EUCD 1077 Mandoline - Tarantella Del Diavolo
EUCD 1080 20 Best Of Scotland
EUCD 1082 Ro-He
EUCD 1085 Winter And Christmas Songs from Hungary
EUCD 1090 Magic Of The Indian Flute
EUCD 1091 Best Of Greece
EUCD 1101 Classical Indian Ragas
EUCD 1102 The Gipsy - Cimbalom
EUCD 1105 The Japanese Koto
EUCD 1106 Tavaszi Szél - Spring Breeze
EUCD 1115 Flamenco-Poesie
EUCD 1120 Kouhail
EUCD 1125 Best Of Salsa
EUCD 1128 Fly Away Home
EUCD 1131 Hayati
EUCD 1135 Shakuhachi
EUCD 1137 Best Of Carnival In Rio Vol. III
EUCD 1147 Best Of Latin America Vol. 2
EUCD 1148 Best Of East-European Songs And Dances
EUCD 1154 Architects Of Time
EUCD 1155 Chinese Classical Folk Music
EUCD 1156 Festival Of Irish Music
EUCD 1158 Best Of Flamenco
EUCD 1169 Rembetika
EUCD 1170 Songs & Dances From Morocco
EUCD 1187 Songs & Dances From Iceland
EUCD 1192 Plays Brouwer
EUCD 1194 Best Of Om Kolthoum
EUCD 1195 Best Of Abdul Halim Hafiz
EUCD 1205 The Best Of Today's Black African Folk Music
EUCD 1207 Musica De Bolivia
EUCD 1211 Best Of Bellydance From Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey
EUCD 1213 Pipes & Drums Of Scotland
EUCD 1224 Bushfire - Traditional Aboriginal Music
EUCD 1239 The Most Beautiful Songs Of Africa
EUCD 1251 Spiritual Belly Dance Vol. 2
EUCD 1255 Breaking Barriers
EUCD 1256 Live! The Melody, The Beat, The Heart
EUCD 1274 Where Africa Meets the Orient
EUCD 1294 Terra Incognita
EUCD 1299 Ro-He II
EUCD 1305 Source Of Fire
EUCD 1314 The Best Of Today's Black African Folk Music Vol. 2
EUCD 1316 The Magic Of The Celtic Harp
EUCD 1317 American Indian Dances
EUCD 1318 Masters Of The Panpipes
EUCD 1325 Steel Drum Party
EUCD 1339 Russia's Beautiful Religious Songs - From The 15th - 20th Century
EUCD 1341 Authentic Aboriginal Music (Music From The Wandjina People)
EUCD 1356 The Very Best Of Irish Music And Ballads
EUCD 1358 Best Of Bellydance - From Egypt, Lebanon, Arabia, Turkey
EUCD 1361 Best Of China And Japan
EUCD 1362 Best Of Africa, Australia And The South Seas
EUCD 1388 Classical Chinese Folksongs & Opera
EUCD 1394 Raízes Do Fado (Roots Of Fado)
EUCD 1404 Best Of Yiddish Songs And Klezmer Music
EUCD 1409 Christmas In A Celtic Land
EUCD 1410 Festival Tropical
EUCD 1417 Best Of Hossam Ramzy
EUCD 1433 The Art Of The Gipsy Cimbalom
EUCD 1437 Shanties & Songs Of The Sea
EUCD 1460 Best Of Flamenco
EUCD 1461 Klezmer And Hassidic Music
EUCD 1462 Best Of Arabian Bellydance
EUCD 1479 Sacred Temple Music Of Tibet
EUCD 1483 The Japanese Drums
EUCD 1486 Caribbean Steeldrums - 20 Most Popular Melodies
EUCD 1499 Kalinka
EUCD 1513 Folksongs From Israel
EUCD 1521 Mandolins From Italy - I Mandolini Italiani
EUCD 1527 Didgeridoo Dreamtime
EUCD 1533 Special Collection
EUCD 1549 Masters Of The African Mbira
EUCD 1572 Classical Indian Sitar & Surbahar Ragas
EUCD 1581 Sabla Tolo
EUCD 1585 Traditional Music From Turkey
EUCD 1593 Chants & Music From Buddhist Temples
EUCD 1603 Evocativa
EUCD 1613 World Of Gypsies
EUCD 1616 The English Tradition - 400 Years Of Music And Song
EUCD 1618 The Gypsies Of Romania
EUCD 1624 Legends Of Gypsy Flamenco
EUCD 1630 Queens Of Fado
EUCD 1631 Master Drummer's Of Africa ('Kopano')
EUCD 1632 Concerto For 20 Sitars / Raga Malkouns
EUCD 1639 Great Voices Of Fado
EUCD 1640 Omeko Anao
EUCD 1652 Sounds Of Mongolia
EUCD 1660 Crossing Borders
EUCD 1661 Modern Bellydance From Lebanon
EUCD 1678 Global Beatz
EUCD 1682 Queens Of Fado, Vol. II
EUCD 1706 The Music Of Hawaii
EUCD 1709 Music Of The South Pacific
EUCD 1719 Master Drummer Of India
EUCD1723 The Music Of Cape Verde
EUCD 1732 Sahara Groove
EUCD 1735 Japanese Drums
EUCD 1737 Sufi Qawwalis
EUCD 1738 Salsa
EUCD 1744 The Most Beautiful Songs Of Africa
EUCD 1760 Gypsy King Of Serbia
EUCD 1761 Traditional Yiddish Songs
EUCD 1774 Legends Of Calypso
EUCD 1779 Mali
EUCD 1786 Journey To Persia
EUCD 1788 Music Of The Old Jewish World
EUCD 1789 Russian Gypsy Fire
EUCD 1795 Bhangra - Original Punjabi Pop
EUCD 1805 The Music of Uzbekistan: Field Recordings by Deben Bhattacharya
EUCD 1816 The Music Of Corsica
EUCD 1836 Raga Nova
EUCD 1838 The Pulse Of Brazil
EUCD 1848 World Of Gypsies Vol. 3
EUCD 1851 Tango Argentino
EUCD 1852 Master Of The Arabian Flute
EUCD 1855 Voices Of Southern Africa
EUCD 1861 The Very Best Of Japanese Music
EUCD 1862 Bhangra - The Sound Of Bollywood
EUCD 1863 The Art Of The Middle Eastern Oud
EUCD 1864 The Art Of The Chinese Lute
EUCD 1875 Mama Africa
EUCD 1878 Forro Do Brasil
EUCD 1880 El Motivo
EUCD 1883 Flamenco Rumba
EUCD 1886 Klezmerised!
EUCD 1889 Greece
EUCD 1898 Traditional Songs From Syria
EUCD 1902 Gamelan From Central Java
EUCD 1907 The Art Of Japanese Koto
EUCD 1931 Histoire Du Tango
EUCD 1933 Algerian Raï
EUCD 1934 Shakuhachi - The Japanese Bamboo Flute
EUCD 1949 Flamenco Nuevo
EUCD 1950 Afro-Caribbean Chants And Drums
EUCD 1958 Gypsy Swing II
EUCD 1960 Tangled
EUCD 1961 Music Of Sicily
EUCD 1963 Turkey: Modern Tradition
EUCD 1974 Gypsy Tango Pasión
EUCD 1975 Folk Songs & Ballads From Mexico
EUCD 1976 Music From The Basque Country
EUCD 1981 African Roots (Mantse)
EUCD 1993 Arabic Songs From North Africa
EUCD 2001 Gypsy Brass
EUCD 2022 Australian Trance Dance
EUCD 2028 Afro-Mandinka Soul (Tama-silo)
EUCD 2030 Spotlight On Kenyan Music
EUCD 2037 Algerian Raï
EUCD 2040 Modern Bellydance From Lebanon
EUCD 2050 Best Of Chile
EUCD 2061 Classical Indian Ragas: Shadow Of The Lotus
EUCD 2063 Salsa Power
EUCD 2075 Traditional Music Of Slovenia
EUCD 2076 Calypso Invasion
EUCD 2077 Rembetika & Greek Popular Music
EUCD 2086 Music Of The Whirling Dervishes - 800 Years Of Mevlana Rumi
EUCD 2097 The Best Of Korean Gayageum Music
EUCD 2107 20 Best Of Irish Ballads
EUCD 2114 Routes To Roots - Yoruba Drums From Nigeria
EUCD 2119 Kollasuyumanta Pacha - From The Heart Of South America
EUCD 2124 Gypsy Flamenco Leyenda Andaluza
EUCD 2128 Best Of Folk Music From Latvia
EUCD 2134 Folk Music From Hungary
EUCD 2135 Folk Music From South West France
EUCD 2147 Solomon Islands: Cry Of The Ancestors
EUCD 2177 Traditional Chinese Music
EUCD 2187 Coimbra Fado
EUCD 2193 Classical Chinese Folk Music
EUCD 2206 Music From The South Pacific
EUCD 2208 Sufi Baul - Baul Bishwa
EUCD 2219 Instrumental Music From Lebanon - Amaken
EUCD 2226 Folk Songs From Sicily
EUCD 2231 Calypso - Back To Mi Home
EUCD 2239 World Dance: Cumbia
EUCD 2243 Voices Of Southern Africa, Volume 2
EUCD 2244 Celtic Love Songs
EUCD 2257 Masters Of Indian Classical Music Volume II
EUCD 2264 The Very Best Of Africa - Powerful Choirs - Pulsating Beats
EUCD 2265 Rio Carnival
EUCD 2266 Cirkari - Gypsy Music From Eastern Europe
EUCD 2267 Irish Uilleann Pipes - Haunting Laments, Slow Airs, Jigs & Reels
EUCD 2268 The Didgeridoo Of The Australian Aborigines - Dream Time
EUCD 2269 Egyptian Bellydance - Afrah Baladi
EUCD 2270 Scottish Pipes & Drums Untamed - The Stomp
EUCD 2271 African Homeland - Voices & Rhythms From Zimbabwe & Southern Africa
EUCD 2272 Traditional Greek Music - Monahi Zoume
EUCD 2273 Samba! Samba!
EUCD 2274 Tango Argentino - ZUM Play Astor Piazzolla
EUCD 2275 Baluji Shrivastav's Re-Orient - Indian World Music Fusion - Featuring Hossam Ramzy
EUCD 2276 Flamenco Latino
EUCD  2283 Goddess
EUCD 2296 Yiddish Song With Chutzpah!
EUCD 2297 African Drums And Voices
EUCD 2298 Popular Beatles Songs - Caribbean SteelDrums
EUCD 2299 Eagle Dance - Ceremonial Music Of The American Indians 
EUCD 2303 Modern Bellydance From Lebanon
EUCD 2323 Paraguay - Traditional Songs & Dances
EUCD 2326 20 Best Of Classical Tango
EUCD 2337 The Queen Of Fado
EUCD 2339 Latin Rhythms - Cumbia, Merengue, Bossa Nova & More
EUCD 2340 Traditional Zulu Music - Songs Of King Shaka
EUCD 2341 Dreamtime
EUCD 2342 Music Of Greece - Canto General
EUCD 2343 Best Of Flamenco
EUCD 2349 Rock The Tabla
EUCD 2380 Turkish Bellydance - Nasrah
EUCD 2391 Popular Turkish Folk Songs
EUCD 2423 Fado & Piano
EUCD 2427 Fiddler On The Road
EUCD 2441 Christ Church Cathedral
EUCD 2444 Zingaros
EUCD 2450 The Ultimate Guide To Spanish Folk
EUCD 2460 Fados De Amor
EUCD 2462 Lam La Che
EUCD 2471 Nádúr
EUCD 2478 Romology
EUCD 2483 Como La Luna Y El Sol
EUCD 2484 The Ultimate Guide To Irish Folk
EUCD 2485 Africa Moo Baalu
EUCD 05111 Best Of Bellydance - From Egypt, Lebanon, Arabia, Turkey
EUCD 8014 ARC Music 35th Anniversary 1976-2011

EUDVD0013 Japanese Drums
EUDVD0014 The Spirit Of Africa
EUDVD0015 Christ Church Cathedral

EULP 1026 Flamenco Los Alhama
EULP 1033 El Gaucho, El Inca YLaNueva Musica
EULP 1034 Folklore De Bolivia
EULP 1039 Classical Indian Sitar & Surbahar Ragas 
EULP 1042 New Views
EULP 1056 Springdans
EULP 1057 Alexis Sorbas And Other Famous Syrtakis
EULP 1061 A Parcel Of Rogues
EULP 1064 Kalakoltschik
EULP 1065 Far From Home
EULP1067 El Condor Del Indio
EULP 1075 O Fado
EULP 1077 Mandoline - Tarantella Del Diavolo
EULP 1079 20 Best Of Ireland
EULP 1080 20 Best Of Scotland
EULP 1082 Ro-He
EULP 1093 At Home With The Dubliners
EULP 1095 Mi Chiloe
EULP 1099 Modern Belly-Dance Music From Lebanon
EULP 1100 Hossein Farjami Plays Santoor
EULP 1101 Classical Indian Ragas
EULP 1102 The Art Of The Gipsy Cimbalom
EULP 1104 Rhythms Of The Nile
EULP 1105 The Japanese Koto
EULP 1106 Tavaszi Szél - Folkmusic From Hungary
EULP 1107 Songs And Dances From Turkey
EULP 1110 Best Of Steeldrums
EULP 1113 Meu Alentejo : Folksongs From Portugal
EULP 1115 Flamenco-Poesie
EULP 1116 Flamenco Nuevo
EULP 1120 Kouhail
EULP 1125 Best Of Salsa
EULP 1127 Under African Skies
EULP 1128 Fly Away Home
EULP 1131 Hayati
EULP 1132 Egyptian Rai
EULP 1136 Best Of Carnival In Rio Vol. II
EULP 1137 Best Of Carnival In Rio Vol. III
EULP 1140 Best Of Caribbean Steel Drums
EULP 1154 Architects Of Time
EULP 1177 Lieder & Tänze Aus Rußland

EUMC 1056 Springdans
EUMC 1106 Tavaszi Szél - Folkmusic From Hungary

EUS 903 The Beans And Bag Whistle Rag / Venezuela ‎(7")
EUS 905 Mark, Mark Seggt De Kreih ‎(7", Single)
EUS 906 Heide-Sommer ‎(7", Single)

FTS-3069 Tommy Flanders, Danny Kalb, Steve Katz, Al Kooper, Andy Kulberg, Roy
LSM 381815 Masters Of Percussion
MOVLP908 Nádúr ‎(LP, Album, 180)

OJC-18003 The Seventh Son / Parchman Farm ‎(7", Mono)
ROUNDER CD 6027 Zack's Bon Ton