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Transfert de fichiers - Pièces jointes

Le transfert de fichiers :

http://fileupyours.com unlimited
http://freespace.filefront.com Max File Size: 1GB (Files cannot be larger than 1GB or take more than 10 hours to upload) Everything else is unlimited.
http://www.transferbigfiles.com Max File Size: 1GB File deleted after 5 days/20 downloads
http://ftpz.us Max File Size: (was 498MB now 880MB) Everything else is unlimited
http://www.zupload.com/ Max File Size: 500MB
http://www.spread-it.com Max File Size: 500MB File deleted if not downloaded for 30 days
http://www.megaupload.com Max File Size: 250MB (used to be 500MB) File deleted if not downloaded for 30 days
http://www.updownloadserver.com Max File Size: 250MB (Uploads will be checked by an admin before publishing)
http://www.sharebigfile.com Max File Size: 250MB File deleted after 7 days
http://www.filecache.de Max File Size: 125MB File deleted if not downloaded for 30 days
http://www.dropload.com Max File Size: 100MB File deleted after 7 days or after the first download (yep.. it's true)
http://www.turboupload.com Max File Size: 70MB
http://www.filehd.com/index.php Max File Size: 60MB
http://www.picapic.net Max File Size: 60MB
http://www.savefile.com Max File Size: 60MB File deleted if not downloaded for 14 or 30 days. FAQ says 14, upload page says 30...
http://www.freeuploader.com Max File Size: 50MB
http://www.ushareit.com Max File Size: 50MB
http://www.wirefiles.com Max File Size: 50MB
http://app02.bonpoo.com/file.htm Max File Size: 50MB
http://rapidshare.de Max File size: 50MB Download Limit: 50MB/hour File deleted if not downloaded for 30 days
http://www.filebuffer.net Max File Size: 40MB Everything else seems to be unlimited
http://www.35mb.com Max File Size: 35MB Free registration required Everything else is unlimited http://up.li.ru Max File Size: 32MB File deleted after 3 days (2 months if file extension is jpg/jpeg/png)
http://www.zippyvideos.com/ 20mb video uploads and browsing uploaded files allowed free or free accounts